Audi service & repair
Audi Service
A Audi service with Edgecliff Automotive covers all the models within the Audi vehicle range. We offer a full range of servicing, repairs, diagnostic, auto electrical work – all at competitive prices. At Edgecliff Automotive we can give your  Audi a service to the standard you would expect.

German cars like the Audi must be maintained at the highest level. We always make sure that approved parts and oils are used to ensure your VW is running at its optimum level and that your warranty is protected every time.

Audi servicing explained
Our Audi service has an extensive list of checks, which more often are more comprehensive than what you get at a main dealer. At Edgecliff Automotive we have the latest equipment, which allows our qualified technicians  to diagnose any problems quickly and efficiently.

Audi warranty is protected
Australia Laws have changed, which means that Independent Garages can carry out a Audi service without making your Audi warranty invalid.

Getting your Audi serviced with Edgecliff Automotive means that your car service has its warranty protected, because we use genuine parts which are of “Original Equipment” (OE) quality standard.

All Audi service Log books are stamped on every Audi service we do.

No additional work is carried out without you the customer agreeing to it, making sure you are aware at all times of any extra work needed and the cost involved.

Once all the work has been completed your vehicle will be washed and you will be notified so that you can make arrangements to pick it up.

We Specialise in all past and current Audi models

Audi 100 Service
Audi 200 Service
Audi 80 Service
Audi 90 Service
Audi A2 Service
Audi A3 Service
Audi A4 Service
Audi A4 Allroad Service
Audi A5 Service
Audi A6 Service
Audi A6 Allroad Service
Audi A8 Service
Audi Allroad Service
Audi Cabriolet Service
Audi Convertible Service
Audi Coupe Service
Audi Q5 Service
Audi Q7 Service
Audi Quattro Service
Audi R8 Service
Audi Rs4 Service
Audi Rs6 Service
Audi S3 Service
Audi S4 Service
Audi S6 Service
Audi S8 Service
Audi Tt Service
Audi V8 Service
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